What is a hackathon? And who can participate?

A hackathon is a fast-paced event, where participants team up to create solutions and concepts in a short amount of time, addressing the problems stated. The goal is to give everyone the chance to use his/her capacities for the common good and boost engagement to the community.
Anyone with an idea related to any of the four topics is welcome to join! No prior hackathon or coding experience required.

What do the different challenges mean?

The hackathon is divided into four challenges, four different topics covering some of the most critical areas suffering from the outbreak of the virus. The organizers and the jury will choose 5 projects from each category to be showcased in the final live stream on Sunday.

What about the team size? Can I participate alone?

The teams are not limited in size. You can have as many or as few team members as you wish, it’s up to you, but we do encourage teamwork. If you have an existing project and are looking for new team members, head to our platform to chat and meet people from a wide range of backgrounds that can complement your skillset in creating your idea. 

I have an idea, what do I need to do?

Awesome! Here are the next steps for you:

  • Gather a team (if you want/need to)
  • Register to the website, join the platform and start chatting with your fellow registered developers and innovators.
  • Start hacking and working on your project!
  • Preliminary project submissions will begin after the official start of the Hackathon on Friday April 3rd.
  • Submit your final project to the platform by 4pm on Sunday.
Where will the Hackathon take place?

The event will held completely online, complying with the confinement and social distancing requirements. We will be using Bemyapp as the main platform for communication and submissions.
In the meantime, team members are welcome to communicate with each other among tools such as Slack, WhatsApp, Github, Stackoverflow, etc… as long as they comply with the submission deadlines on the official platform.

What is the submission format of the video?

In the submission form, we require a 2-minute-video (no longer), uploaded to either Vimeo, Dailymotion or Youtube, as well as some basic information about your project if you have one.
Check out the submission form on the platform to see all the required information. If you have any materials, such as a presentation deck or a demo, they should be presented in the pre-recorded submission video. Basically, your video can be a slide with a voice coverage or a video showing your project, with the team featured or not!

Does it matter if I submit my project in French or in English?

It does not matter. We try to be as inclusive as possible. However, those two languages are the only ones allowed, given the profiles of our jury.

What is the criteria for the evaluation of the Submissions?

The submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria: relevance, innovativeness, feasibility, quick actionability, long term viability, and impact on the society.
We will have winners in all four topics, so you should focus on one challenge.

I want to keep my anonymity; will my project and name be published to the public?
Every project submitted on the platform will be posted publicly on the website after the event.
If you wish to keep your name anonymous, it is perfectly fine to submit the project under a nickname of your choice.