What is a hackathon? And who can participate?

A hackathon is an event where participants (hackers) team up to find solutions and concepts in a short period of time, tackling the stated problems. The goal is to give everyone the opportunity to use their abilities for the common good and to strengthen community engagement.

Anyone with an idea or even already a project already under construction related to one of the four fields of action is welcome! No previous hackathon experience or knowledge of programming is required. Only common sense, creativity and motivation!

My journey as a hacker

Step 1

I register and join the Slack to meet the other participants

Step 2

I join the Bemyapp platform when it opens, consult the resources and book sessions with mentors

Step 3

I work with my team to solve a problem and submit a 1-2 min video to present my solution

Step 4

I submit my video and wait for the jury’s deliberation and announce the best projects

My journey as a mentor

Step 1

I register and join the Slack to meet the other participants

Step 2

I join the Bemyapp platform when it opens and give my available hours for mentoring

Step 3

I accompany the teams, answer their questions, then give feedback to help the jury in its decisions

Step 4

I’m waiting for the announcement of the best projects I can choose to continue mentoring afterwards


Faced by this unprecedented global outbreak crisis of COVID-19 that leads to millions of brains being confined at home and isolated, we decided that something was to be done to activate all our forces and join together with our different skills to keep our society running. That is why we created this hackathon: to unite mission-driven entrepreneurs, experts, developers and innovators in finding novel solutions that combat this pandemic and alleviate its effects on society, both short-term and in the long run.

We believe this Hackathon’s ambition goes beyond a simple brainstorming task. We are aiming at contributing to a larger movement which is keeping people connected and committed to social good. We know this will only be the beginning, but we look forward to having your energy, impactful participation and creativity.

Many aspects of our societies have been affected by this pandemic, and you will probably find more than we can think of. But here are the four main pillars we decided to build on: (1) our HealthCare Professionals, (2) our Governmental Institutions, (3) our Businesses, and (4) our Communities.

4 Challenges

Challenge 1


  • How can we help them improve their current operational systems?
  • How do we maintain high levels of care despite the increasing number of infections?
  • How can we optimize our usage of resources?
  • What new processes can hospitals implement?
  • What can we provide to speed up fundamental research and collaborations in this space? 
  • And finally, how do we keep doctors and patients safe, and limit any future complication?

Challenge 2


  • How do we help our government in their communication with its constituents?
  • How can we help them have more visibility over the situation?
    Which tools could we create to help them obtain real time and accurate data ?
  • What can we create that could assess the impact of the taken measures?
  • How could we improve their cooperation with the media to coordinate efforts for the wellbeing of the population?
  • How can we aid them in the preparation of the post-lockdown stage?

Challenge 3


  • How can employers manage and protect their employees?
  • What kind of new revenue streams could businesses create?
  • What new organizational tools could they set in place?
  • What kind of collaborations could businesses take on?
  • How can we ensure a smooth transition after this pandemic is over?

Challenge 4


  • How could communities improve their online communication and promote social solidarity?
  • How do we help people keep a positive mindset while being conscientious of the evolving nature of the situation ?
  • What solutions can we implement to protect the mental health of the population?
  • How can we help them prepare for the aftermath?

Check out our “Resources” page in the meantime. 

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